Unwritten message by Satoshi Nakamoto

Recently, contradictory articles have been published about the nature of digital currency and how the government and parliament deal with this phenomenon, which has put this emerging economic phenomenon in the focus of attention of different sections of society.

Digital currencies have posed many challenges to governments, central banks, the economy, the stock market, academia, and the legislature in their short lifespan.
In the meantime, government officials and legislators in our country, like other countries in the world, have made and implemented temporary decisions to address and refer to issues in this area in accordance with the current situation, but no comprehensive and long-term law has not been proposed by the government And not discussed in parliament

By re-examining the first message of the creator of the first digital currency and inventor of the Blockchain , Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity, like the phenomenon of digital currency, is in a state of ambiguity, many issues may be raised for economic experts in government, parliament and seminaries And made universities more transparent.

Satoshi Nakamoto invented a chain called blockchain to supply bitcoin and put a message in the first block of this chain. This message includes a Gregorian date, the name of a newspaper, and a news item, which provides interesting results when examined separately and in general.

The message is: 2009 January 3, The Times, Chancellor on the verge of a second bailout for banks

According to Satoshi Nakamoto’s logic in presenting a blockchain, the validity of which is that the blocks are joined together to create value for each block, it is better to consider the other 6 headlines of this newspaper on January 3, 2009, although it may be better to start here. Why was January 3rd important to Satoshi Nakamoto, who linked the extraordinary creation of the Bitcoin chain to this date?

Examining the calendar, we find that January 3, 2009 was the twentieth anniversary of the release of an important message for the Eastern Bloc in the contemporary history of the world. Exactly twenty years before January 3, 2009, on January 3 , 1989 , Imam Khomeini (may God bless him and grant him peace) sent a delegation to meet with the Soviet Communist leader and sent him a message saying, “Communism should be seen in the historical museums of the world” “This message has a special place in history

On the other hand, when we pay attention to the other 6 headlines in the Times newspaper (meaning the times) on the third of January, Imam Khomeini (may God have mercy on him) again had a great share in the events around them.
One of the most important headlines on that day was Israel preparing to invade Gaza, and the other was the news of the marriage of Salman Rushdie, the author of the book Evil Verses, both of which are among the most important political, national and religious concerns of Imam Khomeini and all Muslims around the world.

There is no doubt that Satoshi’s aim in presenting this phenomenon was to confront the capitalist economy, because the essence of the message refers to this issue, that is, government assistance to banks, but it is important to note that there is a chain of signals alongside this message Which will explain to us the origin of the creation of blockchain and digital currency

Perhaps Satoshi had an unwritten message in the first blockchain of the bitcoin chain for the world, especially the Western bloc
The capitalist must be seen in the historical museums of the world

Digital currencies will be doomed to survive for several reasons

First, financial markets based on Fiat money have quickly lost their use among the public due to the involvement of politicians and capitalists in its value, as evidenced by the growing trend of investment in the digital currency market.

January 3, 1989 Date of delivery of Imam Khomeini’s written message to Gorbachev
January 3, 2009 The 20th anniversary of the delegation of the Imam’s message to Gorbachev

Secondly, because in the blockchain platform, individuals keep their digital assets in personal wallets and so far there is no way to recover these wallets after the death of the owner or even forgetting and losing the password, only the person must be in the wallet password will Transfer this asset to other persons or heirs, and it is very likely that such assets will be permanently trapped and unavailable due to sudden deaths, thus reducing long-term supply and value These assets will increase due to increasing
The process in the coin burn process creates the same situation to increase the value of digital assets

Third, the shift to asset backing from information to credit is expanding due to the lack of transparency in the information available and credit will be valued more than anything else as asset backing and digital currencies due to the high creditworthiness of blockchain in the first place They will be validated

Hamid Rabei


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