Decoding Satoshi Nakamoto using verses

From 12 years ago until Satoshi Nakamoto brought a new field of economics to the human race, to this day no one has identified the identity of this person or group and the characteristics of this real or legal figure are in a veil of ambiguity over the past years. Some have introduced themselves as Satoshi and some have speculated about the nature of this unknown and mysterious creature.

Someone who can definitely be named one of the top 10 richest people in history right now.

In the meantime, one of the speculations is interesting in its own way, of course, not because this view introduces Satoshi Nakamoto as an Iranian person or group, but in the sense that the way of looking at this naming like the concept of digital currency itself is interesting and amazing. Of course it is mysterious

In this speculation, it is stated that Satoshi Nakamoto is not a name and a surname, but a combination of 7 Persian expressions of two letters, each of which has a different meaning and are connected like a blockchain system.

sa, to, shi, na, ka, mo, to

In different dialects of Persian language such as Khorasani, Mazani, Lori, Shirazi, Kermani, Gilaki, etc. Each of these phrases either has a meaning alone or stands for a larger word that is broken.

Sa means similar, like

To means inside

Shi means rain, husband, what

Na means warp and power

Ka means brother

Mo means me

To mean you

Or each stands for a larger word, such as the following examples

Sa stands for

(ساری) Sari, (سارا) Sara, (سار) Sar, (ساروج) Saruj, ( ساکت) Saket and…

To stands for

(تونل) tunnel, (توس) toos ,(تور) net, (توت) mulberry, (توپ) ball and ..

Shi stands for

(شیراز) Shiraz, (شیر) valve, (شیب) slope, (شیک) stylish, shift and

Na stands for

(نام) name, (نامه) letter, (نان) bread, (ناقل)carrier, (ناصر) Nasser, (ناراحت) upset and…

Ka stands for

(کامل) full, (کاغذ) paper, (کارد) knife,(کاشی) tile, (کافر) infidel,(کاسه) bowl and…

Mo stands for

(مومن)believer, (مونا) mona,(موج) wave, (موبایل) mobile, (مو) hair and…

To stands for

(تومان) Tomans, (تولید) Production and….

Although this hypothesis can not be confirmed or rejected 100%, but due to the nature of Bitcoin, which is composed of an interconnected blockchain, its naming can also be formed from the same concept, in which case the Iranian creator is one of The odds will be strong

Of course, after the publication of this article, many people of different nationalities with different languages ​​will use this hypothesis to introduce Satoshi Nakamoto as belonging to their culture, language and nationality, but the point that can not be ignored is the use of syllables by Muslims. It is also 1400 years old, a literature that has been used in the Holy Quran for all people and different cultures.

What is digital currency and what can it have to do with Mahdism?

There is no doubt that digital currencies are a new tool against the capitalist system, and given that digital currency has somehow challenged the existence of fiat money (the currencies of most countries that are printed and distributed without the support of central governments). The motivation for creating this kind of money can be considered as taking a stand against the encroachment of governments on the people’s capital. The symbol of Fiat money is the dollar and the symbol of the dollar is the eyes of the world, which is behind this Freemasonry movement

Now, on the twelfth anniversary of the birth of bitcoin, it has been revealed that the federal attorney general of the United States in 2012 asked Katie Hannah, who later became a bitcoin expert, to find ways to stifle the currency. “I was told we wanted to do a thorough investigation into what is called bitcoin,” Katie told the CNBC in a controversial interview. “It was the first time I heard the name Bitcoin.” In a few months, Hannah will be the CEO of the United States Board of Bitcoin and Currency Exchanges, and she held a training class at Stanford University School of Law on bitcoin mining. “Everything was done to stifle bitcoin, but it was not a success, which it should be, because it ‘s just like chasing money,” Hannah said in another part of the interview.

Some people have even considered the launch of digital currency as a kind of ground for emergence due to its formation and nature, especially since after 12 years, ie from 2008 until today, there is still someone who considers Bitcoin as the first currency. The invention of digital remains anonymous

Many scholars in the field of Mahdism equate Freemasonry with the antichrist of the apocalypse, and the important point here is that because digital currency is active in the blockchain context, all the people of the world are part of its physical support as part of the overall puzzle. They have that without this puzzle, the whole blockchain system and digital currency credit will be unused.

In the meantime, the discussion of countering sanctions through digital currencies is only a limited issue and limited to the circumstances and a specific and limited period, and the more general discussion is about the nature of digital currencies and their opposition to Fiat and Freemasonry. A trend that over the years has tried hard to limit the digital currency and stop its growth but has not been successful

It should also be taken into account that during the reign of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Ali and Imam Hassan (as) and later during the reign of Imam Hussein and Imam Sajjad and most of the Imamate of Imam Baqir (as) As a banker, they did not have a national currency or an Islamic currency and traded with the currencies of the Iranian and Roman governments. It was from the late Imamate of Imam Baqir (as) that the national currency or Islamic currency was created under Jewish influence with the rule of the Umayyads. An effective tool of influencing and dominating the Muslim society and economy entered the Islamic government.

Contrary to some who think that the Jews have created digital currencies to dominate the world economy, it must be said that if Zionism intends to dominate the world economy and influence the economies of Islamic societies, it must support their national and local currencies, not eliminate them. If digital currencies do the opposite

In regional and national governments, it is possible to spread money without support, which is done with the influence of the Zionist intelligence and intelligence services, while in digital currencies, this is not the case because of the uniqueness of each unit, as each unit of currency Digital has a dedicated blockchain in the host blockchain chain that will set it apart from even its peers.

Of course, the creation of money was not necessarily under the control of the Jewish people, but certainly the money used as a tool to influence the economy of various societies, including the Islamic society, was created by Judaism and Zionism, and in the present era this task is performed by Freemasonry.

There is no guarantee that local governments under the influence of Freemasonry will save enough gold to support their national currency, and this varies depending on the ideology and policies of each government. The custodians and owners of digital currency are all those who have entered the blockchain chain of that currency, that is, you, I mean all people, not a specific group with specific political tendencies.

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