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A serious international warning about the collapse of Boeing 737

Investigations into the crash of American Type 737 Boeing planes in recent years need to be explored beyond refilling their black boxes.
Given all the new Boeing crashes and the cognition we have of American temper, the US terrorist government is also feared to have used this tool for its illicit purposes.
Obviously, given the high technology of the aviation industry and the various radar and satellite tools that can be used with any intention anywhere in the aircraft, it may be a controllable tool for destruction or deliberate technical failure after flight by secret organizations. Embedded in US-made planes in cooperation with the US government for use where necessary
This is a serious, international warning that should be carefully considered as one of the possible fall options.

Boeing 737’s production history goes back to Year 1968, and since then, just a few months ago, we have seen 140 such accidents with 4512 people killed worldwide.

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