“Quranium” a collection of the holy Qur’an translation into six languages

“Quranium” a collection of the holy Qur’an translation into six languages
A teacher from Mashhad, designed a software of the Holy Qur’an in Six languages with his own innovative calligraphy.
According to Razavi treasury, Hamid Rabei, who had previously invented the “comprehensive software for the recreation of the holy Qur’an” available in the Qur’an Museum of Astan Quds Razavi with Kufic script attributed to the infallible Imams(AS), in his latest endeavor he designed a software of the Holy Quran in Six languages “: English, Italian, Norwegian, German, Spanish and French with the title of “Quranium”with his own innovative calligraphy.
He described the characteristic of this script as being innovative and stated: According to the traditions, the Holy Quran is referred to, as the extension of “Besmellah al-Rahiman al-Rahim”, all letters of the alphabet were designed in 6 languages within the name of Jalalallah in this calligraphic style.
Rabbi stated: In this way, Jalallah name was encircled as an innovative compound, and I placed all the upper and the lowercase letters one by one in it.
It is worth saying that previously, the collection of” Comprehensive software for the recreation of the Qur’an attributed to Imams(AS)”, included rewriting of 9 copies of the Holy Qur’an ascribed to Imam’s(AS) handwriting available in Astan Quds Razavi Museum, Nahj al-Balagheh and Sahifa al-sajadiyyah with the handwriting attributed to Imam Ali(AS) and Imam Sajad(AS); Oyun Akhbar al-Raza with handwriting attributed to Imam Reza(AS) and the software set “Mafatih Al-kalam” containing 7 prayers with handwriting attributed to Ahlul-Bayt(AS) which were recreated by Hamid Rabai and endowed to Astan Quds Razavi


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An English translation of the Quran dubbed “Quranium” has been released online.

A special innovative font, in which all letters of the alphabet have been designed within …

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