Why Eco Smart is not a scam

Why Eco Smart is not a scam

About 7 months have passed since the start of the Eco Smart project and its underwriting, and during this time, many people have commented on the fraudulent nature of this project without knowing the digital economy and the field of currency cryptography, or intentionally and deliberately. This article mentions many reasons why an ecosmart project or any project that has these features can not be a scam.

Why Eco Smart is not a scam

The first reason:

Eco Smart has been formed with the support of its plans and programs, which are all defined in the field of digital economy, and has unveiled its first project in the form of a game center. According to Roshan, its other plans include exchange, social network, employment center and The robot will unveil the trader after attracting enough capital to support them, and all shareholders, in addition to owning the projects, will also benefit from the implementation of these projects in the form of smart contracts on the blockchain platform. If Eco Smart was a scam, the center A game that alone has the ability to back up a digital currency was never launched

The second reason:

The main programmers, ideators and designers of Eco Smart have invested the most in this project and have turned all their capital into ecs tokens, which they will definitely need to cash their tokens in order to launch Eco Smart projects as soon as possible. If it was a scam, these people would never have turned their capital into ecs

Third reason:

On the main page of Eco Smart site, a regular and weekly report on the progress of projects, input capital, costs, assigned shares and the amount of remaining shares is provided, and this transparency has been maintained throughout the life of Eco Smart, if this plan It was a scam. By attracting high capital, the site was closed in the first months and no report was given to the shareholders
Clear report on the progress of Eco Smart projects

Fourth reason:

In the world of economics, marketing is a science and network marketing is one of the ways to attract capital that Eco Smart has intelligently eliminated the disadvantages of network marketing by presenting a community project to form an attractive method for both members and shareholders and Eco Smart. Certainly, the limitation of shareholders in inviting only three new members to invest has been created with the aim of benefiting all members from marketing commissions.

Fifth reason:

Many of the digital currencies on the market, which are also listed in many exchanges around the world, are now being bought and sold by more than 3,000 people without even having one of the Eco Smart projects, and only Due to the use of blockchain platform, the currencies in this field have gained value, but Eco Smart has offered shares of all its projects as digital currency, so that its supply is reduced by 5% every week in order to create added value for shareholders. Give the ownership of the projects to more people, if Eco Smart was a scam, it certainly would not have happened and there were many ways to scam.

Sixth reason:

Historical memory People will never forget the time when each bitcoin was $ 0.03 and the same people forbade people to buy and sell it and stigmatized it and without enough information about the Chinese blockchain and digital currencies or They biasedly deprived people of this golden investment, while these same people probably had the most bitcoins in their wallets and now sell each for over $ 18,000.

Seventh reason:

Some critics have argued that Eco Smart programs, including Game Center, Robot Trading, Exchange, Social Networking, Employment Center, etc., have nothing to do with each other, so Eco Smart is a scam. Unfortunately, these people do not have the minimum information in the field of digital economy, and the criticism of these people can be answered with the example that the neighborhood supermarket sells both yogurt, diapers and balloons, and is therefore a scammer.

The eighth reason:

Some people, regardless of the smart contract in Eco Smart, have stated that because the amount of tokens offered to date is more than the amount of investment of individuals, this plan is a scam. In response to these people, it should be mentioned that according to the smart contract of Eco Smart, 5% less tokens are given to new investors every week for 5000 tron ​​of investment, so that in the first week, 10,000 tokens were offered for every 5000 tron, and now in Week 28: Only 1735 tokens will be offered for the same 5,000 thrones, and by the end of week 100, this amount will reach 50 tokens. The value of the token, the total amount of tokens offered will be much less than the amount of investment of individuals

The ninth reason;

Ecosmart marketing system intelligently seeks the equal and fair benefit of all members of the project by solving the problems of pyramid networks, so that every time you enter this system, it has the same conditions and benefits as the first person to enter the network. This is due to restrictions on levels and overflows of new members to lower levels
Some people claim that at level 15 the number of members will be more than 14 million and at level 25 the number of network members will be more than 820 billion, and this is not practical, so this project is a scam.
But in response to this slander and criticism, it should be noted that, firstly, this system is not designed for 10 or 20 years of operation to limit itself to a specific time and number of specific people and capitalists, but this system due to running on the blockchain network It is forever planned and will not be limited to a specific time, place and number of members
And secondly, the probability of completing this network for members is very low and almost no one can complete all possible sub-categories, so that if two out of three people in level one enter the group and one vacancy remains, practically about 280 billion people The number of possible people decreases and so does the probability for the next levels

There are many other reasons for this claim that are not mentioned, and I invite those interested in invest

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